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          • Canned vegetables
          • Canned fish & meat
          • Ready to eat meals
          • Milk and beverages
          • Petfood
          • Pharmaceutical solutions

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          An innovative and efficient sterilization technology

          The Hydrolock sterilizers have been completely re-designed to comply with the following targets : being able to process up to date packagings at the lowest production costs.

          Safe and repeatable retort

          Food safety and process repeatability with minimized  differences between products is a must.

          Invest in sustainability and profitability

          Our approach is long term production at minimum cost. We study the sterilization cost per product and propose you the best machine in order to get the quickest return on investment

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          • High throughputs
          • Fully automated
          • Flexible
          • Food safety critical controls
          • Product quality
          • Energy recycling device
          • Reduced floor space
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          SERVICES AND MAINTENANCE... Find out how our maintenance team is organized for servicing the machines.


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          Hydrolock, Continuous rotary sterilizer

          The HYDROLOCK family of continuous sterilizers can process all kinds of packagings in medium to large production scales. The unique flexibility and versatility ensures our clients a long term production, with many possibilities for new packaging. The modular design of the machine is evolutionary and can be upgraded upon packaging specificities.

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